About us

ZanMalipo is a centralized government system for generating payment control numbers for all government services, it is connected to Ministries-Departments-Agencies (MDA) and Local Government Authorities (municipalities, district councils and town councils) as well as Payment Service Provider (MNO’s and Banks) for the purpose of facilitating Payment transaction. ZanMalipo is the result of government’s intention to control government revenue which led to the amendment of Zanzibar Public Finance Act that requires all Government revenue to be collected through government payment gateway.


The President’s Office Finance and Planning (POFP) is responsible with revenue collection across all government institutions, it is obliged to establish, maintain, process, coordinate all Government Revenue. POFP intended to improve the level of automation for the revenue collection which targets to increase total revenue collection to the Government. POFP implement Zanzibar Electronics Payment Gateway shortened ZanMalipo to standardize and facilitate the Payment transaction.

The Zanzibar Public Finance Act of 2021, which require all public monies to be collected through ZanMalipo ……………………………………………….


The overall objective of ZanMalipo is to develop and electronic payment gateway that automate the process of revenue collection and government payment process through the development and operationalization of integrated web system and mobile application.