Benefits of ZanMalipo

  • Streamline and standardize revenue collection and Government payment processes.
  • Increases visibility, efficiency and effectiveness in revenue collection processes.
  • Identify different sources of government revenue and ensure are collected electronically. 
  • Increasing transparency on the process on the revenue collection.
  • Minimize fraud incidents during collection and reporting of public monies.
  • Provide to the citizen and entities with obligations to pay to the Government, an easy and flexible mechanism for payments. 
  • Increase revenue collection channels by promoting engagement of more third-party revenue collectors.
  • Enable timely analysis of data on revenue collection for better forecasting of future collections and decision process.
  • Improve public monies collection.
  • Generate the revenue report timely.
  • Ensure revenue information are visible to the Government at real time.
  • Easier to link with public institution